Valentine’s Day Teaching Resources
Valentine’s Day display banner (Ref: SB3977)
A colour banner for your Valentine’s Day display.
Valentine's Day topic word cards (Ref: SB1215)
A useful set of printable topic words related to Valentine's Day.
Editable Resource
Valentine's Day A4 page borders (Ref: SB1186)
A useful set of 5 different Valentine's-themed page borders.  The download is a ZIP containing Microsoft Word templates together with resizable JPG background images.
Valentine’s Day card colouring templates (Ref: SB3768)
A set of 10 simple Valentine’s Day card designs that can be printed on card for children to colour and decorate.
Patterned hearts (Ref: SB2114)
Great for maths pattern sorting activities and symmetry.  Also, can be used for PSHE ‘heart partners’.  Cut the hearts in half and give each child one half.  They then find their ‘heart partner’ for the week.
Hearts and cupid arrows matching activity 0-10
(Ref: SB7194)
A printable activity where children match the numbered hearts to the hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrows.
Hearts and arrows uppercase and lowercase matching
(Ref: SB7195)
An activity where children match together the uppercase hearts with the lowercase arrows.
Numbers 0-50 on hearts (Ref: SB3951)
The numbers 0 to 50 presented on red hearts.
Alphabet on hearts - lower with upper case
(Ref: SB3958)
The uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters presented together on red hearts.
Editable Resource
Editable heart templates (Ref: SB5825)
Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add text to simple red hearts.
Editable Resource
Pupil self-registration hearts (Ref: SB3817)
A template that allows you to add your pupil names to coloured hearts.  Add the names, print out & laminate.  
Number bonds to 10 on hearts (Ref: SB6709)
A set of printable hearts that can be cut in half to create a number bond matching game.  Children match the halves of each heart together to make totals to 10.
Number bonds to 10 heart and arrow matching activity
(Ref: SB7202)
A printable activity where pupils match the arrows to the hearts to make number bonds to 10.
Number bonds to 20 heart and arrow matching activity
(Ref: SB7203)
A printable activity where pupils match the arrows to the hearts to make number bonds to 20.
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