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Hen Life Cycle and Growth Resources
Hen Life Cycle and Growth Resources
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Chicken growth/life cycle posters (Ref: SB2413)
Simple A4-sized printable posters showing different stages in chicken growth.
Hen life cycle cut and stick (Ref: SB2430)
A PDF file with two differentiated worksheets where children cut out the life cycle pictures and stick them on in the correct order.
Hen life cycle colour and write worksheets (Ref: SB7633)
A set of simple printable sheets featuring images of hen growth for children to colour along with writing lines for topic-related writing.
Life Cycle of a Hen display banner (Ref: SB2431)
A colourful banner for your ‘Life Cycle of a Hen’ display.
Life Cycle of a Chick display banner (Ref: SB7982)
A colourful banner for your ‘Life Cycle of a Chick’ display.
Hen life cycle flash cards (Ref: SB8310)
A set of printable flash cards showing the basic stages in the life cycle of a hen.
Editable Resource
Chicks and eggs A4 page borders (Ref: SB4514)
Portrait and landscape A4 page borders with chicks and eggs.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
Hatching Chicks/Chick Hatching display banners
(Ref: SB9415)
Printable banners with the titles, ‘Hatching Chicks’ or ‘Chick Hatching’ for your classroom topic display.
Egg incubation keywords on chicks (Ref: SB7577)
Cartoon chicks featuring vocabulary related to chicken egg incubation and hatching.
Life cycle of a hen word mat (Ref: SB9457)
A simple desktop word mat showing the basic life cycle of a hen with associated words.
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Chick embryo growth posters (Ref: SB10703)
A set of simple posters that show the growth of a chick embryo inside the egg over 21 days.