Florist/Flower Shop role-play order forms (Ref: SB4426)
Printable order forms for use in your class’ Florists/Flower Shop role-play area.  Children select the type of arrangement they require, colour of flowers and additional extras such as chocolates or balloons.
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Flower Shop / Florists Role-Play Resources
Florists role-play flower arrangements posters
(Ref: SB4427)
Simple posters for your Florists/Flower Shop role-play area showing different types of flower arrangements.
Colour words on flowers (Ref: SB4428)
The common colour words presented on coloured flowers.
Flowers display lettering (Ref: SB3504)
A PDF document with 26 alphabet letters (upper and lowercase) themed with flowers.  These are great for printing and cutting out for use on displays.
Editable Resource
Editable flower templates (Ref: SB6806)
Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add text to coloured flowers (2 per page).
Editable Resource
Editable coloured flower templates (Ref: SB7066)
Add your own words to coloured flowers.  Microsoft Word templates that include different coloured flowers.
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Number plant 0-20 (Ref: SB162)
Print out and assemble these images and make a number plant (1-10 or 1-20) that can grow up in your classroom.
Flower pupil self-registration resources
Mixed flowers - Preview - Download
Sunflowers - Preview - Download
Tulips - Preview - Download
Bluebells - Preview - Download
Poppies - Preview - Download
Daffodils - Preview - Download
Roses - Preview - Download
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Exclusive Toolbar Resource
Flower Shop/Florists role-play pack (Ref: SB4042)
A set of printable signs, banners and labels for use in your Flower Shop/Florists role-play area.
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Editable Resource
Assemble a plant editable templates (Ref: SB4875)
A set of editable printables that enable you to create a large plant for display in your classroom.  Templates enable you to add text to the leaves of the plant as well as the pot and flower head.
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Classroom Photos