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Garden Centre Role-Play Resources
Garden Centre role-play pack (Ref: SB156)
A set of printable signs, banners and labels for use in your Garden Centre role-play area.
Garden tools posters (Ref: SB3999)
A set of A4 posters showing a selection of garden tools.
Flower photo set (Ref: SB124)
A set of colourful photographs of common British flowers together with scans of pressed flowers.  Additional photographs of berries, leaves and trees also included.  A great resource for topic work or using in a role-play garden centre.
Garden Centre/park keeper labels (Ref: SB1299)
A useful set of role-play or topic labels linked to the garden centre and park.  Includes labels with pictures such as plant, tree, pot, hose, watering can, saw, wheelbarrow, greenhouse, broom and more.  Ideal for use in a garden centre role-play area.
Seed packet design sheets (Ref: SB1262)
A simple set of cut and stick sheets to make a seed packet.
Editable Resource
Assemble a plant editable templates (Ref: SB4875)
A set of editable printables that enable you to create a large plant for display in your classroom.  Templates enable you to add text to the leaves of the plant as well as the pot and flower head.
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Editable Resource
Editable flower pots template (Ref: SB7955)
Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add your own text to flower pots.
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Number plant 0-20 (Ref: SB162)
Print out and assemble these images and make a number plant (1-10 or 1-20) that can grow up in your classroom.
Alphabet uppercase and lower case on plant pots
(Ref: SB1295)
The alphabet in both upper and lower case on plant pots.  An ideal companion to our 100 high-frequency words on flowers resource.
Numbers 0-30 on plant pots (Ref: SB1286)
The numbers 0-30 presented on simple plant pots.  These are ideal for use in conjunction with our Numbers on flowers resource.
Flowers display lettering (Ref: SB3504)
A PDF document with 26 alphabet letters (upper and lowercase) themed with flowers.  These are great for printing and cutting out for use on displays.
Garden tools number posters 0-10 (Ref: SB4000)
A set of A4 printable posters featuring various garden tools with numbers from 0 to 10.  Each poster has a corresponding number of items to count.
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Numbers 0-50 on garden gnomes (Ref: SB9886)
The numbers from 0 to 50 presented on fun garden gnome characters.
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Editable Resource
Editable Jack in a box templates (Ref: SB6430)
A set of Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add your own text to coloured Jack in a box toys.