Other Science Teaching Resources
Aimed at Key Stage 2
Science display banner (Ref: SB6643)
Colourful banners for your ‘Science’ display board.
Science display banners - black and white (Ref: SB5522)
Simple printable Science banners that your class can colour or paint themselves.
Editable Resource
Science A4 page borders (Ref: SB2151)
Editable A4 page borders (for Microsoft Word) featuring a science theme.
Editable Resource
Editable investigation area fold-over cards (Ref: SB4844)
Editable fold-over cards to place in your classroom investigation area - great for all sorts of uses.  Use them to specify activities for pupils to complete, list pupils/groups that can play in the area or remind children of important rules to adhere to.
Science-themed display border (Ref: SB4964)
Print your own science-themed display border.  Cut out the strips and assemble around your display board.
Aimed at Key Stage 2
Science words on glass flasks (Ref: SB6657)
A set of 42 science words presented on glass flasks (with coloured liquids).  Great for classroom displays.
Related Items
Aimed at Key Stage 2
Science cupboard labels (Ref: SB6644)
A set of 28 different labels for your science store cupboard.  Includes things such as mirrors, bulbs, magnets, crocodile clips, batteries, magnifying glasses and more.
S.E.S.E. display banner (Ref: SB5557)
A colour banner for your ‘S.E.S.E.’ classroom display, to fit with the Irish Curriculum.
Aimed at Key Stage 2
Micro organisms display banners (Ref: SB6646)
Colour banners for your ‘Micro Organisms’ display.
Scientist of the week certificates (Ref: SB6645)
Some colourful certificates to award to your class ‘scientist of the week’ and ‘most improved scientist’.
Aimed at Key Stage 2
Science Challenge display banner (Ref: SB7013)
A colour banner for your classroom Science Challenge display.
Simple Science display banner (Ref: SB7045)
A colour banner for your classroom science display.
Editable Resource
Editable chemical/potion bottle templates (Ref: SB5398)
A set of Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add text to chemical/potion bottles.
Thermometer visual aids (Ref: SB7895)
A set of A4 thermometers in colour and black and white featuring different measurement scales.  Ideal for demonstrating how to read thermometers, for recording temperatures or for classroom displays.
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Aimed at Key Stage 2
Microbes display banner (Ref: SB9321)
Colour banners for your ‘Microbes’ classroom topic display.
Science display banner (Ref: SB5523)
A colour banner for your ‘Science’ classroom display.
Science and Nature display banner (Ref: SB5613)
A colour banner for your ‘Science and Nature’ classroom display.
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Numbers 0-100 on magnifying glasses (Ref: SB11007)
The numbers from 0 to 100 presented on magnifying glasses.