Healthy Eating Teaching Resources
Healthy Eating display banner (Ref: SB2655)
A colourful banner for your ‘Healthy Eating’ display.
Healthy and non-healthy sorting cards (Ref: SB2161)
A set of 20 sorting cards with healthy and non-healthy foods.
Healthy and not healthy food picture bingo (Ref: SB6084)
A set of healthy and not healthy food bingo boards where children match the picture cards to the images on their board.
Healthy and unhealthy foods bingo (Ref: SB6085)
Bingo boards and picture cards where pupils fill their board with either healthy or unhealthy foods.
Editable Resource
Healthy eating A4 page borders (Ref: SB2992)
Portrait and landscape healthy eating-themed A4 page borders.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
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Healthy eating lunchtime certificates (Ref: SB2302)
Certificates to present to children for choosing healthy foods at lunchtime.
Editable Resource
We are What We Eat editable topic book covers
(Ref: SB8681)
Printable book covers for your We are What We Eat topic.  Includes colour and black and white versions with space for pupil name, class and term.
Healthy eating lunchbox cut and stick activity
(Ref: SB3294)
A printable lunchbox with healthy and non-healthy foods for children to cut and stick.
Related Items
Healthy eating dinner cut and stick activity (Ref: SB3572)
A printable dinner plate with healthy and non-healthy foods for children to cut and stick.
Healthy Snack display banners (Ref: SB3231)
Colour banners for your healthy snack display.
Brain Foods display banner (Ref: SB7034)
A colour banner for your ‘Brain Foods’ display.
Food Ambassadors display banners (Ref: SB9146)
Colourful banners with the titles, ‘School Food Ambassadors’ and ‘Our Food Ambassadors’.
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Food pyramid posters (Ref: SB10967)
Simple printable A4-sized food pyramid visual aids.
Food pyramid cut-and-stick activity (Ref: SB10969)
A simple activity including blank food pyramids and food to cut out and stick in the appropriate places.
Giant food pyramids for display (Ref: SB10968)
Large food pyramid pictures that print over 8 A4 pages for great visual impact on your classroom wall display!