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HOME > Topics > The world around us > Living things > Living and non-living
Living and Non-Living display banner (Ref: SB4788)
A colourful banner for your ‘Living and Non-Living’ display.
Living Things and Non-Living Things posters
(Ref: SB3078)
Two posters showing a selection of living and non-living things.  Ideal as display headers or as prompts for topic discussion.
Living and non-living sorting cards (Ref: SB1166)
A great set of printable cards showing pictures of living and non-living things which can be used for sorting activities and to promote discussion about the differences between living/non-living.  Includes with just pictures, as well as with words and pictures.
Living and non-living cut and stick (Ref: SB1167)
A simple printable activity whereby children can cut out the living/non-living pictures and sort into the appropriate boxes.
I’m alive/We’re alive display banners (Ref: SB3038)
Colourful banners with humans and animals with the text ‘I’m alive’ and ‘We’re alive’.
Living and non-living A4 page borders (Ref: SB5914)
Portrait and landscape A4 page borders featuring living and non-living things.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
Living and non-living topic resources
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Alive, were alive and never alive sorting cards
(Ref: SB8595)
A set of printable cards for children to sort into items that are alive, were alive and have never been alive.
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Alive, was alive and never alive posters (Ref: SB8603)
A set of posters featuring various objects that are alive, were alive or have never been alive.  Great for class discussion and on classroom displays.
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