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Auditory Processing


Identifying the Initial Sound
Initial Sound and Picture Matching Cards (SB356)

A set printable cards with alphabet sounds a-z and accompanying pictures cards for sound and picture matching games.

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Initial Sound Picture Cards (a-z) (SB370)

A useful set of printable cards (4 to a page) showing pictures for the initial sounds a-z.

Auditory Memory and Identifying the Initial Sound
Bertha the Bus Alliteration Activity Set (SB8026)

A set of printables to support the Phase 1 ‘Bertha goes to the zoo’ activity in Letters and Sounds (page 32).

Rhyming Words
Phase 1 Rhyming Bingo (SB1351)

A set of printable picture cards to accompany the Phase 1 ‘Playing with words’ activity as outlined in the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ document.