Dinosaurs Topic Teaching Resources
Dinosaur posters (Ref: SB659)
A set of simple A4-sized posters featuring dinosaurs and their names in clear text.
Dinosaur topic words (Ref: SB5003)
A set of printable word and picture cards linked to dinosaurs.
Dinosaur fossils photo set (Ref: SB2018)
A set of 10 photos showing various dinosaur fossils and skeletons.
Dinosaur word mat (Ref: SB1479)
A colourful word mat featuring well-known dinosaur names and other words connected with dinosaurs.
Editable Resource
Dinosaurs editable topic book covers (Ref: SB8435)
Printable book covers for your Dinosaurs topic.  Includes colour and black and white versions with space for pupil name, class and term.
Editable Resource
Earth Long Ago (dinosaurs) editable topic book covers
(Ref: SB8534)
Printable book covers for your ‘Earth Long Ago’ dinosaurs topic.  Includes colour and black and white versions with space for pupil name, class and term.
Dinosaur fact cards (Ref: SB1189)
A set of simple printable cards with basic facts about dinosaurs.
Earth Long Ago (dinosaurs) display banner
(Ref: SB8533)
A colourful banner with the title ‘Earth Long Ago’ for your dinosaurs topic display.
15cm x 15cm dinosaur cards (Ref: SB2537)
A set of printable cards (15cm x 15cm size) featuring various dinosaurs and dinosaur-related pictures.
Pixie robot dinosaur-themed cards (Ref: SB2538)
A set of printable cards featuring various dinosaurs and dino-related pictures.  Each card is 11cm x 11cm in size for use with a Pixie programmable robot.
Dinosaur colouring sheets (Ref: SB3012)
10 simple dinosaur colouring sheets.
Editable Resource
Dinosaurs-themed A4 page borders (Ref: SB3978)
Portrait and landscape dinosaur-themed A4 page borders.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
The Lost World display banner (Ref: SB5002)
A colourful dinosaurs banner with the text ‘’The Lost World’.
Fossils display banner (Ref: SB7792)
A colour banner for your ‘Fossils’ classroom display.
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Labelled dinosaurs posters (Ref: SB10008)
A set of posters featuring well-known dinosaurs with their body parts labelled.
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Dinosaurs display banner (Ref: SB2059)
A colourful banner for your Dinosaurs display.