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ESL / EAL Adjectives Vocabulary Resources
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ESL / EAL Adjectives Vocabulary Resources

Textures Display Words (SB679)

A set of colourful texture words presented in the texture that they describe.

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Animated Adjective Word Cards (SB6359)

A large set of word cards featuring adjectives animated to represent their meanings.

Adjectives Word Cards (SB6268)

A large selection of adjectives presented on simple word cards with coloured borders.

Cut-Out Adjective Picture Sheets (SB10432)

A set of pictures that can be linked to specific adjectives.

Simple Adjectives Sentence Word Cards (SB10877)

Children can construct simple sentences about the animals and objects using the adjectives tall, long, big, small, round and the common colours.

6 Adjectives Bingo: hot, cold, long, round, prickly, stripy (SB11193)

A set of 4 printable bingo picture boards and corresponding illustrated adjective cards.

Adjectives Picture Posters (SB5897)

A large set of picture posters featuring adjectives with accompanying pictures.