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Faces Playdough Mats (SB1312)

A set of printable playdough mats with blank faces for children to use their playdough to add the missing facial features.

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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song Sheet (SB10974)

A printable sheet featuring the words to the ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ nursery song in a simple format for use with children.

Simple 0-100 Number Cards (SB128)

The numbers 0 to 100 on simple printable cards, 8 to a page.

Daily Routine Cards (SB1319)

A useful set of daily routine cards for boys or girls.

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Simple 0-100 Number Cards (Coloured Numbers) (SB8923)

The numbers 0 to 100 on simple printable cards, 8 to a page.

Colour Words on Paint Splats (SB325)

Colour words presented on paint splats.

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Parts of the Body Flash Cards (SB8255)

A set of printable flash cards featuring parts of the body.

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Dinosaur Number Cards 0-100 (SB9842)

A set of number cards with numbers 0 to 100.

Houses and Letters Number Matching 1-20 (SB4702)

A printable activity where children ‘deliver’ the letters to the corresponding houses by matching the numbers.

Emotions and Facial Expressions Pictures (SB932)

A set of printable posters showing cartoon children displaying various emotions and feelings including happy, sad, worried, surprised, cross, astonished, sleepy, confused, hot and cold.

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Number and Action Cards (SB7049)

A set of printable cards with numbers from 1 to 10 and various physical actions such as jumping, clapping, tapping and hopping.

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Golden Words Manners Posters (SB4862)

A set of printable posters featuring ‘golden words’ such as please, thank you, sorry, excuse me etc.

afrikaans french gaeilge german portuguese swedish
Emotion Fans (SB1010)

A set of printable girls and boys fan segments showing different emotions.

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Pets Snap Cards (SB4583)

A set of 16 printable picture cards featuring images of pets.

Farm Animal Picture Flash Cards (SB7804)

A set of printable picture cards featuring various farm animals.

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Daily Routine Cut and Stick (SB2094)

A cut and stick activity with 6 pictures (boy and girl versions) showing events in a typical day for ordering.

Fruit and Vegetables Photo Set (SB2480)

A set of printable photos showing various fruit and vegetables.

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