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Nonsense Picture Posters (SB1777)

A set of 20 fun ‘nonsense’ pictures.

th, f and v Visual Aids (SB1279)

3 printable posters showing children how to say ‘th’, ‘f’ and ‘v’ which can often be confused in speech.

Continuous Verbs Picture Posters (SB4008)

Picture posters with various images of continuous actions.

afrikaans dutch welsh2
Everyday Tasks Discussion Cards (SB2146)

A set of printable cards showing everyday tasks broken down into 3 steps.

Phonology Picture Flash Cards (SB454)

A useful set of brightly-coloured printable picture cards (4-to-a-page) for use with children to help and assess children with language and speech difficulties.

sh and th Faces Posters (SB3059)

Simple A4 posters and A5 flash cards showing a girl making a ‘sh’ sound and a boy making ‘th’.