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Non-Fiction Reading Resources
Remembering tricky topic words posters (Ref: SB2991)
A set of 12 A4 posters with reminders of strategies to help children remember long or complex topic words.
Information Detectives display set (Ref: SB6362)
A set of printable banners posters and editable templates to create an ‘Information Detectives’ display in your classroom.
Information Detective of the Week certificates
(Ref: SB6361)
A set of printable certificates to present to pupils who have found out interesting information each week.
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Exclusive Toolbar Resource
Information books posters (Ref: SB3414)
A set of posters showing different elements of non-fiction texts, including title page, diagrams, instructions, contents, glossary, index and more.
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Non-Fiction Texts to Use with Your Class
How to wash your hands posters (Ref: SB2832)
How to wrap a present instructions (Ref: SB3612)
How to tie shoe laces instructions (Ref: SB3624)
How to tie shoe laces instruction sheet (Ref: SB3623)
Road safety posters (Ref: SB1508)
How to brush your teeth instructions (Ref: SB3934)
How to make a pirate hat instructions (Ref: SB4195)
How to play hopscotch instructions (Ref: SB3626)
Posting a letter posters (Ref: SB2909)
Posting a letter colouring sheets (Ref: SB2910)
Growing a bean plant visual aids (Ref: SB752)
How to make a sandcastle instructions (Ref: SB5348)
How to make a banana milkshake instructions (SB5147)
Growing a cress head instructions (Ref: SB4319)
How to build a snowman instructions (Ref: SB7148)
Make a Christmas Angel Decoration visual aids (Ref: SB3484)
Make a Christmas Tree Bauble visual aids (Ref: SB3505)
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