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The Rainbow Fish Teaching Resources
These resources contain our own artwork.  The products are in no way endorsed by the authors or publishers of any related stories,
books or products.
Rainbow Fish visual aids (Ref: SB364)
A set of 9 JPG images showing the main events from The Rainbow Fish story by Marcus Pfister.  These pictures can be resized easily for use in a variety of ways.  Great for classroom displays or when retelling the story orally.
The Rainbow Fish display banner  (Ref: SB3438)
A colour banner for your Rainbow Fish display.
Rainbow Fish cut-out characters (Ref: SB2209)
A set of printable cut-out pictures of characters from The Rainbow Fish story by Marcus Pfister.  Great for use on story-boards and for oral retelling of the story.
Rainbow Fish colouring for ICT (Ref: SB1732)
A ‘Rainbow Fish’ image which can be used as an ICT colouring activity.  Open the BMP image up in Paint, Splosh or similar program and your children can use the ‘Fill’ tool to colour each of the fish scales!  Alternatively, it can be printed out and used as a basic colouring worksheet.
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