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Cut-Out Display Border Strips
Cut-Out Border Strips
Our collection of themed printable border strips to use around classroom displays.  Print, cut out and
arrange around your board.  Click the thumbnails below to preview the resources and download.
Spring (Ref: SB2007)
Summer (Ref: SB3965)
Autumn (Ref: SB1751)
Winter (Ref: SB1847)
Hand prints (Ref: SB3554)
Footprints (Ref: SB7663)
Under the sea (Ref: SB4963)
Bees (Ref: SB5010)
Ladybirds (Ref: SB8571)
Patchwork (Ref: SB5762)
Fairytales (Ref: SB7597)
Rabbits (Ref: SB8368)
Footballs (Ref: SB8532)
Squirrels (Ref: SB5584)
Fire (Ref: SB3639)
Tartan (Ref: SB3434)
Minibeasts (Ref: SB2181)
Ourselves (Ref: SB2717)
My family (Ref: SB2716)
Feelings and emotions (Ref: SB4484)
Olympic medals (Ref: SB7162)
Dragons (Ref: SB7563)
Egyptian hieroglyphics (Ref: SB7868)
Egyptian gods (Ref: SB7869)
Union Flag (Ref: SB8121)
Jigsaw (Ref: SB8613)
Victorians (Ref: SB4267)
Suns (Ref: SB3966)
Literacy (Ref: SB2740)
Alphabet (Ref: SB3274)
Numbers (Ref: SB3275)
Maths/Numeracy (Ref: SB2718)
Numbers to 100 (Ref: SB7826)
Numbers in 2s (Ref: SB7677)
Numbers in 5s (Ref: SB7678)
Numbers in 10s (Ref: SB7679)
Birthdays (Ref: SB7005)
Aboriginal art (Ref: SB7300)
Tiger print (Ref: SB8530)
Fantasy creatures (Ref: SB9024)
Water drops (Ref: SB3967)
Food (Ref: SB3167)
Food (Ref: SB1894)
Cartoon stars (Ref: SB9076)
Stars (Ref: SB3304)
Homework (Ref: SB3190)
Science (Ref: SB4964)
Flags of the world (Ref: SB5828)
Dots (Ref: SB7403)
Christmas (Ref: SB2972)
The Twelve Days of Christmas (Ref: SB6313)
Diamond Jubilee (Ref: SB8120)
Diamond Jubilee (Union Flag) (SB8119)
Pizzas (Ref: SB8769)
USA Flag (Ref: SB8928)
Wood effect (Ref: SB9205)
Materials-themed (Ref: SB9206)
Find resources:
Pirates (Ref: SB9349)
Strawberries (Ref: SB9583)
Nocturnal animals (Ref: SB9370)
Books (Ref: SB4485)
Numbers in 3s (Ref: SB10107)
Road (Ref: SB10400)
Leaves (Ref: SB10482)
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Romans (Ref: SB10728)
Poppies (Ref: SB10765)
ICT (Ref: SB11006)
Pets (Ref: SB11099)
Space (Ref: SB11239)
Space fantasy (Ref: SB11238)