Other Themed Editable Page Borders
Editable A4 Page Borders
Our collection of themed printable A4 page borders in landscape and portrait.  Add your own title or text to suit
your needs.  Click the thumbnails below to preview the resources and download.
All these resources are editable
Bubbles (Ref: SB4873)
People who help us
Water drops (SB3003)
Sand play (Ref: SB5733)
Junk modelling (SB4051)
Playdough (Ref: SB8664)
Football / soccer
River (Ref: SB7032)
Recycling (Ref: SB7237)
My school holiday
Homes (Ref: SB1695)
Painting (Ref: SB5756)
Hand prints
(Ref: SB2634)
(Ref: SB2635)
Construction Area
(Ref: SB3233)
Recipe for friendship
Buddies (Ref: SB7373)
Olympics (Ref: SB7393)
Sandcastle (SB7507)
Vets (Ref: SB7558)
Pop Art (Ref: SB7916)
Camping (Ref: SB8552)
Island (Ref: SB8778)
Colours (SB5632)
Explorers (Ref: SB1912)
Science (Ref: SB2151)
ICT (Ref: SB2165)
Teddy bears (SB2683)
Transport (Ref: SB3889)
The Royal Family
Sports Day (SB4764)
Tools (Ref: SB5219)
Rugby (Ref: SB5311)
Light bulbs (SB5741)
Scissors (Ref: SB5997)
Musical notes (SB7712)
Cycling (Ref: SB8022)
Maori art (Ref: SB8033)
Houses and homes
Clothes (Ref: SB3885)
Hats (Ref: SB6374)
Musical instruments
Electricity (Ref: SB3892)
School (Ref: SB3893)
My First Day
Pyjamas (Ref: SB5120)
(Ref: SB5330)
Living and non-living
(Ref: SB5914)
(Ref: SB7328)
My Weekend (SB7516)
Lunchtime (Ref: SB7779)
Playtime (Ref: SB7780)
Fire Service (SB8927)
Sweets/candy (SB9158)
Push and Pull (SB9183)
Construction Area -
black and white
Our Journey through the
Year (Ref: SB6115)
Ticker tape (SB1244)
Find resources:
Cricket (Ref: SB9425)
Making a mug of tea
Writing and scroll
Chess (Ref: SB9661)
Fire (Ref: SB9808)
Police (Ref: SB9818)
Our Local Community
Our School Community
Netball (Ref: SB10058)
Hockey (Ref: SB10059)
Magician (Ref: SB10088)
Party balloons
Warning / danger sign
Rocks and soils
Book covers (SB10422)
Sound and Hearing
Ambulance (SB10433)
Ballerina (Ref: SB10635)
Astronaut (SB10636)
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Materials (Ref: SB10908)
Tennis (Ref: SB11017)
Jewels (Ref: SB11283)