School Library Signs and Labels
Library display banner (Ref: SB6799)
A colour banner for your school library.
School library signs (Ref: SB5656)
A set of A4 signs/posters for your school library.  Includes a welcome sign, book returns and signs for different categories of book.
Library rules display set (Ref: SB4048)
A printable banner and posters for your library rules display.
Book band colour labels/book shelf labels (Ref: SB3286)
Printable labels for your book shelves.  Includes book band colours and labels for group readers, home readers and big books.
Editable Resource
Editable book band/book shelf labels (Ref: SB3290)
Editable labels for your book shelves.  Includes book colours to use with your school’s reading scheme levels.
Library role-play pack (Ref: SB581)
A set of printable resources for use in a library role-play area.  They may even be useful for your school library too!  The set includes posters, a re-sizable banner image, book order forms, library cards and labels.
Choosing a library book posters (Ref: SB4054)
Posters to remind children to use the ‘Five Finger Reading Test’ when choosing a library book to read.
Book corner/library labels (Ref: SB1573)
A set of printable labels for your book area or library shelves.
Book corner vocabulary posters (Ref: SB483)
A set of 6 printable A4 posters for your book corner that encourage children use terms such as ‘fiction’, ‘title’, ‘author’ and ‘illustrator’ when discussing and reading books.
Book Week posters (Ref: SB1158)
A set of 5 colourful posters to display in your school for Book Week.
Editable Resource
Our library day posters (Ref: SB7414)
Editable signs for your classroom to inform your class and parents as to which day of the week you use the school library.
Welcome to the Library banner (Ref: SB5655)
A welcome banner for your school library.
Alphabet on books (Ref: SB1946)
The upper and lowercase alphabet presented on coloured books.  Ideal for use in your Library or book area.
Colours on books (Ref: SB3287)
Colour words presented on different coloured books.  Useful for topics on colour, or in your reading area or library as signs for books in different bands/levels.
Editable Resource
Book-themed A4 page borders (Ref: SB591)
Two editable A4 page borders (for Microsoft Word) featuring a book theme.  Great as a book-review template, or for use in your school library.
Reading Cafe display set (Ref: SB5411)
A set of printables for your school Reading Cafe.  Includes a welcome poster, banner and editable posters to notify parents when your next Reading Cafe is.
Editable Resource
Editable bookworm templates (Ref: SB5367)
Microsoft Word templates that enable you to add your own text to bookworms.
Alphabet on bookworms - uppercase with lowercase
(Ref: SB5370)
The uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters presented on bookworm characters.
Reading Room banner (Ref: SB6895)
A colourful banner for your Reading Room.
Our Visit to the Library display banner (Ref: SB7967)
A colourful display banner for a display about your visit to the library.
Older Fiction display banner (Ref: SB8267)
A printable colour banner for your school library.
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Exclusive Toolbar Resource
Information books posters (Ref: SB3414)
A set of posters showing different elements of non-fiction texts, including title page, diagrams, instructions, contents, glossary, index and more.
Find resources:
Library Corner/Area display banners (Ref: SB5925)
Colour banners for your Library Corner/Area.
Book band colour labels/book shelf labels - A5
(Ref: SB9955)
Printable A5 labels for your book shelves.  Includes book band colours and labels for group readers, home readers and big books.
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