Computer Area Classroom Signs
Computer Area banner (Ref: SB8856)
A colour banner for your classroom Computer Area.
Computer Area signs (Ref: SB926)
A useful group of signs for use in your computer area or for in your ICT Suite.  The set includes words such as ‘type’, ‘mouse’, ‘click’, ‘monitor’, ‘keyboard’ and more.  You can resize these A4 pictures to print 2 per page in Adobe Reader if required.
Computer ‘I can’ signs (Ref: SB1226)
7 useful signs with ‘I can...’ Statements for use in your computer area.
Editable Resource
Editable computer area fold-over cards (Ref: SB4860)
Editable fold-over cards to place in your classroom computer area - great for all sorts of uses.  Use them to specify activities for pupils to complete, list pupils/groups that can play in the area or remind children of important rules to adhere to.
Rules posters for interactive whiteboard (Ref: SB1399)
A set of printable posters to display by your interactive whiteboard.
Interactive Whiteboard Area banner (Ref: SB5895)
A colour banner for your Interactive Whiteboard Area.
ICT topic word cards (Ref: SB160)
A set of words and picture cards linked to ICT and computers.
‘Using the computer’ posters (Ref: SB2360)
A set of 12 posters where you can velcro the names of pupils who are using the computer(s) today/morning/afternoon.
Editable Resource
Editable computer logon information cards (Ref: SB8407)
Editable cards (for Microsoft Word) to show pupils the logon details for the computer they are working on.
Audio/video control button posters (Ref: SB1527)
10 A4 sized posters showing the control symbols for audio/visual equipment.
ICT labels for role-play (Ref: SB456)
A set of 7 re-sizable images (JPG) which can be used to label ICT-related items in your role-play area.
Related Items
ICT / Computers Resources
Find resources:
Tablet/iPad rules posters (Ref: SB10039)
A set of posters showing simple rules for children to follow when using the tablet in your class.
Tablet/iPad Area banners (Ref: SB10101)
Printable banners for your classroom Tablet/iPad Area.
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Computer rules posters (Ref: SB11324)
A set of printable posters with rules for using computers in your ICT Suite/Computer Room.