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Frog-themed Classroom Printables
Frog-themed Classroom Printables
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Frog-themed signs and labels pack (Ref: SB1577)
A useful set of signs and labels for your classroom featuring a frog theme.  Includes a class banner, signs for different learning areas, resource labels, editable book labels, and other editable templates.
Frog-themed target sheets (Ref: SB2761)
Fun target sheets with a frog theme.
Frog award certificates (Ref: SB2762)
Frog-themed reward certificates to accompany the frog target sheets.
Editable Resource
Frog-themed editable target board posters
(Ref: SB4627)
Printable editable posters for your frog-themed target board.  Type targets or rules into the speech bubbles or as a simple list.  Use these editable posters as visual aids in all sorts of contexts.
Fantastic Frogs display banner (Ref: SB2793)
A colourful banner for your ‘Fantastic Frogs’ class target board.
Editable Resource
Frog and lily Golden Time display set (Ref: SB2637)
A set of printable elements that enable you to create a frog pond-themed Golden Time display.  Frogs of pupils with full Golden Time sit on the flower-lily pads, and those who lose minutes sit on other lilies.
Editable Resource
Pupil self-registration frogs (Ref: SB1796)
A template that allows you to add your pupil names to a fun frog character.  Add the names, print out & laminate.  You could make a display where children move their frog from the pond to the lilly pad.
Alphabet on frogs (Ref: SB2454)
The lowercase alphabet presented on a fun frog character.
Alphabet on frogs - capitals (Ref: SB5662)
The uppercase alphabet presented on a fun frog character.
Editable Resource
Editable frogs template (Ref: SB5443)
A Microsoft Word template that allows you to add text to frogs on lilies.
Editable Resource
Frog and lilies birthday timeline set (Ref: SB2658)
A set of printable lily pads and frogs for a birthday timeline display.  12 lily pads for each month of the year, together with pupil frogs to place on the relevant lilies.
Frog class group signs (Ref: SB9875)
Printable signs for your class frogs group.  Includes fold-over table signs as well as posters for your display board.
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Editable Resource
Frog-themed editable communication slips
(Ref: SB10328)
Editable communication slips in portrait and landscape, 4 to a page.  Edit the titles and text to suit your needs.  Great for sending messages or activities home with children, for writing group learning objectives and many other uses.
Editable Resource
Frog-themed pupil target and achievement sheets
(Ref: SB10329)
Editable target sheets (for Microsoft Word) with the text ‘I am learning to...’, ‘My next goal is...’ and ‘I can...’.  Each sheet has space for 10 targets.
Numbers 0-50 on frogs (Ref: SB216)
The numbers from 0 to 50 presented on fun frog characters.
Numbers 51-100 on frogs (Ref: SB10544)
The numbers from 51 to 100 presented on fun frog characters.  An extension to our existing Numbers 0-50 on frogs resource.