Diwali Teaching Resources
Diwali display banner (Ref: SB2830)
A colourful banner for your ‘Diwali’ display.
Diwali topic word cards (Ref: SB1770)
A useful printable set of word cards, some with pictures, linked to the Hindu festival of Diwali.  These are great as topic discussion aids or for use in a topic word bank.  They would also look great as labels on a classroom topic display.
Rama and Sita story character cut-outs (Ref: SB6206)
A set of cut-out characters from the story of Diwali.  Ideal as aids for retelling the story or for use on story boards/maps.
Rama and Sita colour and write worksheets
(Ref: SB6207)
A set of simple printable sheets featuring images from the story of Rama and Sita for children to colour along with writing lines for story-related writing.
Rama and Sita story role-play masks (Ref: SB1787)
A fun set of colourful role-play masks for telling the Hindu story of ‘Rama and Sita’.
Rama and Sita role-play masks - black and white
(Ref: SB1851)
A fun set of black and white role-play masks for telling the Hindu story of ‘Rama and Sita’.
Diwali word mat (Ref: SB1877)
A printable word mat featuring words and pictures linked to Diwali.  Ideal for children to use as prompts when writing.
Editable Resource
Diwali-themed A4 page borders (Ref: SB5801)
Portrait and landscape Diwali-themed A4 page borders.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
Numbers 0-50 on diva lamps (Ref: SB1852)
The numbers from 0-30 presented on Diwali diva lamps.
Alphabet on diva lamps (Ref: SB6173)
The lowercase alphabet letters presented on Diwali diva lamps.
Numbers 0-30 on fireworks (Ref: SB1811)
The numerals and number-words from 0-30 presented on colourful fireworks.
Our Rangoli Patterns display banner (Ref: SB6111)
A colour banner for your Indian rangoli patterns display.
Rangoli pattern sheets (Ref: SB6410)
A set of 10 simple rangoli patterns that can be used for colouring or as templates.
Rangoli colouring for ICT (Ref: SB6411)
A set of rangoli images which can be used as an ICT colouring activity.  Open the BMP images up in Paint, Splosh or similar program and your children can use the ‘Fill’ tool to colour each of the pattern segments.
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Editable Resource
Editable Diwali word mat (Ref: SB10734)
An editable word mat template featuring a Diwali theme.
November 11, 2015