The Farm Role-Play Resources
Farm role-play pack (Ref: SB555)
A set of useful printables for your classroom farm role-play pack.  Includes a comprehensive set of labels, farmyard shop posters and a banner.
Farm Shop role-play banner (Ref: SB2279)
A colourful banner for your ‘Farm Shop’ role-play area.
Food from animals posters (Ref: SB7622)
A set of posters showing animals and the food products they provide.
Animals and products matching cards (Ref: SB1374)
A set of printable cards for a matching activity where children can match the animals to their produce.  Great for promoting topic-related discussion.
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Farm animal role-play masks
Sheep - Preview - Download
Pig - Preview - Download
Hens and cockerel - Preview - Download
Ducks - Preview - Download
Chick - Preview - Download
Goose - Preview - Download
Goat 1 - Preview - Download
Goat 2 - Preview - Download
Cow - Preview - Download
Bull - Preview - Download
Horse - Preview - Download
Donkey - Preview - Download
Turkey - Preview - Download
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Alphabet and Sounds
Farm Animals Topic
Farm photo set (Ref: SB1269)
A set of photo sheets with animals and things you would see at a farm.
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Farm topic word cards (Ref: SB217)
A set of words and picture cards linked to a topic on ‘Farms’.  Great for classroom displays, word banks or laminating for other topic-related activities.