Other Classroom Role-Play Resources
Role Play Area banners (Ref: SB5871)
Colourful banners for your classroom role-play area.
Role-play open and closed signs (Ref: SB1531)
Simple printable signs to show when your role-play area is open or closed.
Family role-play badges (Ref: SB4148)
Simple printable badges for assigning different family roles in role-play situations.  Print, laminate and thread with string to go around children’s necks.
Dressing Up Area signs (Ref: SB5213)
A useful group of signs for use in your classroom Dressing Up Area.  Includes useful words such as ‘costumes’, ‘pretend’, ‘imagine’ ‘hats’ and more.
Role-play area question posters (Ref: SB6398)
A set of posters for your classroom role-play area posing simple questions to prompt children in their activities.
Editable Resource
Dressing up costumes A4 page borders (Ref: SB8225)
Portrait and landscape A4 page borders.  Includes editable Microsoft Word templates as well as resizable JPG images.
Weather Station role-play banner (Ref: SB6136)
A colour banner for your ‘Weather Station’ role-play area.
ICT labels for role-play (Ref: SB456)
A set of 7 re-sizable images (JPG) which can be used to label ICT-related items in your role-play area.
Library role-play pack (Ref: SB581)
A set of printable resources for use in a library role-play area.  They may even be useful for your school library too!  The set includes posters, a re-sizable banner image, book order forms, library cards and labels.
Party House banner (Ref: SB8920)
A colourful banner for your classroom ‘Party House’ role-play area.
Party role-play pack (Ref: SB471)
A colourful pack of printables for use in a party role-play context.  The download includes 4 banner images (including birthday, Christmas and fireworks), greetings card templates, gift tags, 12 re-sizable label images and a set of different party invitations.  Everything you need to set up a great party-themed role-play.
Role-play resource labels (Ref: SB3005)
A set of printable labels for your role-play resource boxes.
Dressing Up! banner (Ref: SB2622)
A colourful banner for your dressing up or role-play area.
Recording studio role-play pack (Ref: SB951)
An excellent set of resources to help you set up a Recording Studio role-play area in your classroom.  Includes printable labels, a resizable banner, a photo-set with pictures from a real recording studio, together with booking forms and other signs.
Titanic role-play pack (Ref: SB4715)
A set of printable resources for use in a Titanic-themed role-play area.  Includes a banner and signs along with printable tickets, passenger list and restaurant menus for children to write on.
Job application writing frames (Ref: SB4969)
Simple printable job application writing frames where pupils can write their name, address and reasons why they should be given the job.  Great for use alongside role-play activities.
Let’s Pretend display banner (Ref: SB5135)
A colour banner for your ‘Let’s Pretend’ topic display.
The Stage display banner (Ref: SB5539)
A colour banner with a theatre stage theme.
Welcome to Our Cave display banner (Ref: SB7236)
A printable banner with the title, ‘Welcome to Our Cave!’.
The Igloo display banner (Ref: SB9152)
A printable banner with the title, ‘The Igloo’.  Ideal for use for a classroom role-play area.
Find resources:
Lost Property Office role-play pack (Ref: SB9327)
A set of printable resources for your classroom Lost Property Office role-play area.  Includes signs, labels, a banner and a lost property form.
Role-play bank notes (pounds) (Ref: SB10162)
A set of printable bank notes for use in role-play situations.  The bank notes have generic designs but use the pound currency.
Role-play bank notes (generic) - black and white
(Ref: SB10164)
A set of printable bank notes with generic (non currency-specific) designs for use in role-play situations.
Role-play bank notes (generic) (Ref: SB10163)
A set of printable bank notes with generic (non currency-specific) designs for use in role-play situations.
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