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Shops and Businesses Role-Play Resources
General Shops
Other Businesses
Post Office
Toy Shop
Fruit and Vegetable Shop
Sports Shop
Garden Centre
Clothes Shop
Flower Shop / Florists
Seaside Souvenir Shop
Sweet Shop
Photographer’s Studio
Fancy Dress Shop
Shoe Shop
Bike Shop
Restaurants and Takeaways
Jewellery Shop
Charity Shop
Farm Shop
Pet Shop
Book Shop
Photo / Camera Shop
Leisure Centre
Hair Salon / Hairdressers
DIY Store
Petrol Station
Fashion, Hair and Beauty Businesses
Car Wash
Artists Studio / Gallery
Decorating Centre
Barber Shop
Beauty Shop/Salon
Clothes Shop
Shoe Shop
Jewellery Shop
General Shops and Businesses Role-Play Resources
Shopping list writing frame (Ref: SB3722)
A simple printable notepad template for children to write shopping lists.
Shop role-play badges (Ref: SB4153)
Simple printable badges for different roles in a shop role-play situation.  Print, laminate and thread with string to go around children’s necks.
Shop role-play banners (Ref: SB5600)
Simple generic shop banners for your role-play area.
Our Business role-play banners (Ref: SB6012)
Simple generic banners for your business role-play area.
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