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Colour Mixing Concentric Circles Hockney Spring Flowers Texture Wacky Weaving Kyffin Williams Colour Mixing Aboriginal Art Wacky Faces Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Van Gogh’s Sunflowers The English Countryside Observational Paintings


Tudor Portraits Landscapes Art Club Observational Paintings Granny and Grandad Portraits Silhouettes Georgia O Keefe Light and Dark Handa’s Surprise Hot and Cold Colours Colours Les Couleurs - French Bubbles Art From Nature Jason Pollock’s ‘Full Fathom Five’ Matisse The Sun - Colour Mixing Weaving Sunflowers Starry Night - Van Gogh Leaves Felt-Making Self Portraits Sock Puppets Blue and Green


Kandinsky Mondrian Bottle Top Display Sunflowers Starry Night - Van Gogh The Secret Garden Weaving Paper African Patterns and Prints Sunflowers Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles Indian Quilt Colour Mixing Art Miro Stained-glass Window Collage Plants Sunset Silhouettes Jason Pollock Drip Painting The Beach A Windy Day Sunflowers Monet Sunflowers Blue Colours Peacock Van Gogh’s Starry Night Collage Kandinsky (Year 2) Spooky Firework Art Sunflowers Art inspired by Gustav Klimt Natural Materials (Making Sculptures) Cubism Art Mondrian ICT art inspired by Jackson Pollock Africa Patterns Guess my Silhouette Sunflowers Lowry-style Townscape Creation Living Landscapes Cave Paintings Sunflowers Coal Mining Art (Heritage Week) Waterfalls Packaging Guess Who? Performance Mask Mosaics Celtic Patterns A Sense of Place Van Gogh’s Sunflowers African Art Silhouettes Michael Morpurgo Colourful World! On the Road to Thwing - David Hockney Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles Oil Pastel Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles Kandinsky The Secret Garden Paint Mixing Machine Arctic Polar Bears Stained Glass Window Circles Fire and Ice Bubbles Printmaking My Mummy’s Face Art Gallery African Masks African Warrior Printing Aboriginal Hand Cave Paintings Rousseau Tigers Colour Japanese Blossom Prints Foil Sharpie Owl Arts and Crafts Corner Children in Action Window Stencils Henri Rousseau Henri Rousseau Sunflowers Art Exhibition(Playgroup to Grade 4)
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