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Timetable and Routines at Home

Timetable and Routines at Home


Daily Routine Cards (SB1319)

A useful set of daily routine cards for boys or girls.

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Visual Timetable for Home (SB1801)

Ideal for parents to use at home.

Daily Routine Posters (SB5563)

A useful set posters (with boys and girls) showing common daily tasks such as getting dressed, washing, breakfast, school and more.

School Bag Checklist Posters (SB5830)

Posters for parents to use at home as prompts when encouraging children to pack their own school bags.

Home Communication Fan (SB7627)

A set of printable fan segments to print, laminated and pin together to aid communication through the day.

Home Communication Cards (SB7628)

Printable prompt cards for use at home with children who find communicating difficult.

Toilet Routine Cards (SB11554)

A set of printable cue cards showing the process of going to the toilet broken into simple steps.

Toilet Routine Reminder Sheets (SB12185)

A set of prompt sheets with the normal toilet routine for boys and girls broken down into basic steps.