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Counting in 4s
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Safari Animal Counting in 4s Number Tracks (SB6963)

Printable counting in fours number tracks themed with cartoon safari animals.

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Numbers in 4s on Quad Bikes (SB9179)

The numbers in 4s to 100 presented on quad bikes.

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Counting in 4s Square Corners Posters (SB9395)

A set of printable posters featuring squares for counting in 4s.  Includes number posters and number sentence posters.

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4 Times Table Worksheets (SB9396)

A set of simple worksheets where children count the corners and complete 4 times table number sentences.

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Number Snake - 4s to 100 (SB6732)

Assemble these snake segments in your classroom to show numbers in 4s up to 100.  A fun and colourful means of reinforcing the 4 times table.  Each segment is A4 sized but can be printed smaller using Adobe Reader’s ‘page scaling’ function if needed.

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Numbers in 4s to 100 on Rockets (SB9674)

The numbers in multiples of 4 up to 100 on rockets.

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