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Rio Olympics - Friday August 5 to Sunday August 21
Father’s Day (Australia and New Zealand) - September 4th
Hallowe’en - Monday, October 31st
Bonfire Night - Saturday, November 5th
Remembrance Day - Friday, November 11th
Diwali - Wednesday, November 11th
Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 26th
St Andrew’s Day - Wednesday, November 30th
Hanukkah - December 24th to January 1st
Christmas - Saturday, December 25th
New Year’s Day - Friday, January 1st

Burns’ Night - Wednesday, January 25th
Australia Day - Thursday, January 26th

Auckland Anniversary Day - January 26th
Chinese New Year - Saturday, January 28th
Waitangi Day - Monday, February 6th
Pancake Day - Tuesday, February 28th
Valentine’s Day - Sunday, February 14th
St David’s Day - Wednesday, March 1st
World Book Day - Thursday, March 3rd
Mother’s Day (UK) - Sunday, March 6th
St Patrick’s Day - Friday, March 17th
Holi - Wednesday, March 23rd
Easter Day - Sunday, March 27th
Passover - April 22nd to April 30th

Earth Day - Friday, April 22nd

St George’s Day - Saturday, April 23rd

Anzac Day - Monday, April 25th
Mother’s Day (global) - Sunday, May 8th
Father’s Day (global) - Sunday, June 19th
Euro 2016 Football - June 10 to July 10
US Independence Day - Monday, July 4th
Eid ul-Fitr - Tuesday, July 5th




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